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Unique Ariston 3rd series year 1971

History Notes

Of the 971 hulls to build, the third series is certainly the most complete. The length and width of the hull, well balanced with the weight of 1500 kg, allows a comfortable and at the same time fast navigation. For this reason, the hull 764 has a lower angle which passes to 122 °. This modification let the boat to achieve a level of navigation very similar to the Aquarama, the most successful boat of the entire Riva wooden range. In fact, there are many improvements that were first on the Aquarama and subsequently brought to the third series of Ariston, today considered the best for navigation and aesthetics by Riva lovers. The peculiarity of this boat is the presence of a single air vent on the hull side, a distinctive feature of some models built between 1971 and 1974 and synonymous with rarity in the Riva Ariston market.

Technical Specifications

Name: Ariston
Year of construction: 1971
Type of Hull: Planing
Dimensions: Overall Lenght:  6,80 m – Beam:  2.20 m – Draft: 0,47 m
Net Weight: 1320 kg
Engine: Crusader Riva 220 of 5358 cc 220 HP
Fuel tank: 160 l
Range: 5,45 hours
Consumption: 28 l/h
Maximum speed: 70 km/h mph
Price in lire 1971: 7.400.000

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